Upper Back Pain And Active Release Chiropractic Treatment

The upper back is that part of the spine where the vertebrae are connected to ribs. Pain in the upper back is often accompanied by stiffness and pain in other parts of back, neck or chest. Upper back pain is sometime a result of irritation of muscles while it is not as common as lower back pain, it can be very painful and restrictive. Many people suffer from upper back pain caused by working conditions, and poor posture and stress are often the cause. The Best Denver Chiropractor specializes in back and related complaints and can often solve many of these problems.

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If something is not right in the upper back, it can cause various symptoms. Most people with upper back problems have pain between the shoulder blades. But chest pain or radiating pain in the arms may also be the result of a problem in the upper back. Sometimes the symptoms of heart problems and therefore often causes anxiety. Coughing, sneezing and breathing can all be painful. The Best Denver Chiropractor may verify or make your complaints with a back problem. If that is the case, the Chiropractor treats your symptoms properly. Sternum Complaints are also common after open heart surgery.


Upper Back pain can have several causes:

  • Improper crooked or another fallen behind the desk.
  • By the same unilateral use of arms like ironing and much above movement work head.
  • Occasionally has pain in the upper back no sudden cause, such as cut in pieces, or make a wrong move. A wrong position or ‘stuck’ with one or more vertebrae caused tension in the upper back. Nerves become irritated, which leads to pain.
  • Even problems of organs, e.g. stomach upset, may be associated with irritated nerves.


Good posture when standing and sitting prevents back pain. It is also important in order to move or cut in pieces that overloading is prevented. Responsible in such a way your chiropractor can advise you. Questions such as: which sport is the best practice, which I have to be careful; your Chiropractor will guide you. Pay attention to your posture on a regular basis. Try attention you will be surprised how often you catch yourself in the wrong position.

Upper Back Pain Denver Treatment

First, the Chiropractor questions about back pain and your overall health. The back pain can namely associated with other health problems. Followed by a physical examination. The Best Denver Chiropractor uses different medical methods to find out where the pain is coming from and what the situation is with the mobility and flexibility of all joints with pain may be related.Visit DenverBack.com or call at 303-300-0424

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